The Problem is not the Problem

by | Feb 4, 2023 | Personal Development, Relationships

It seems like another lifetime ago when I did some counseling along with my other responsibilities in ministry. I will never forget the day I met with two different married couples in the same week. One of the couples had been together for a long time. After they shared their difficulties, I thought, wow, I don’t know how their marriage will survive! As I listened to the next couple, it was hard not to tell them to grow up and get over it. Years later, guess who was still together? It was the couple who faced the tough times—because the problem is not the problem. 


Two Factors that Made the Difference 

1.  Perspective

Although the challenge was great, it was not the end of the world. Life can always get harder. 


2.  Commitment

The bigger the commitment, the harder it will be to give up.  Many times we give up quickly because we don’t have as much “skin in the game.”


So remember, The Problem is not the Problem. The problem is your perspective and low commitment.


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