The Yes Trap

by | Jan 5, 2022 | Priorities

Years ago, I saw a movie called “The Yes Man” with Jim Carrey. The premise of the film was that Jim Carrie had a habit of saying no to everything. A friend convinced him to go to a motivational event where he committed to saying “Yes” to everything.

The theme made for a funny movie but is a terrible life philosophy. 

We need to avoid the “Yes” Trap. It leads to overcommitted, overwhelmed, crazy busy, and a life that is not your own. 

If you feel crazy busy, it is because you are saying yes too often.

How to Avoid the Yes Trap

1.  Embrace the Value of Saying No

You should say no to things that you are not passionate about or do not align with your purpose in life (easier said than done). I receive many more opportunities than I take on. One idea is to run requests through my Purpose/Passion filter.

2.  Ask if this is something someone else could do? Healthy delegation is a sign of good leadership.

3.  Ask if this is necessary. If the answer is no, eliminate it.

4.  How to say no:

  • Thank you for the opportunity, but it does not fit my gifts

  • Thank you for the invitation, but unfortunately, I have a prior commitment

  • Let me suggest you reach out to …


To avoid the “Yes” Trap, you MUST have boundaries. Without boundaries, your life will feel out of control.


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