Three Types of People

by | Dec 3, 2020 | Relationships




Most people are matchers; they are willing to share as long as others do the same.



These people automatically think of themselves first. They consider their interests ahead of others and act out of a sense of entitlement (I deserve it, you owe it to me).



These people put others first. They extend themselves without expecting anything in return. Givers are usually more successful in life:

A. They have strong relationships

B. People trust them

C. Their unselfishness is a magnet for great people

D. The more people you help, the more successful you are (that is how I measure success).


Be a giver, not a taker or a matcher. Although there are more takers and matchers in the world, givers are World Changers.


Life is not measured by how much you own but rather how much you give.


Let me share an opportunity to be a giver. Quest of the Keys as an end of year giving campaign that you can give to and be part of impacting lives. Your gift to Quest of the Keys can change the world of a young person. I have thousands of examples of youth who have been impacted by Quest of the Keys; read the following note from Josh, a middle school student.


“The scrolls from Quest of the Keys explained life lessons in a way I could understand. I am inspired to have a purpose and take responsibility for my life.” Josh


On a personal note, Cindy and I love to give. We usually give 30% of our income to worthy causes. We give over 10% of our income to Quest of the Keys because we see firsthand the impact it is making with young people like Josh.




Go to to donate.


Our lives are much better when we are generous. Be a giver. Share your time, donate your money, and give away your love to others.

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