Ways to Build a Winning Team

by | May 12, 2019 | Article


#1 Attract Top Talent

A. Have a clear vision for the type of people you want on your team

B. Cast a big vision


C. Clarify expectations


D. Interview/Search process
1. Good fit
2. Right skills
3. Right attitude


#2 Establish Guiding Principles


A. How we work as a team


B. Buy in and accountability


#3 Deal with Bad Behavior and Bad Performance


A. Conflict resolution


B. Coach up or council out


#4 Develop Team Members to Become “Developers”


A. Developers have unlimited potential


B. Developers are all about team


#5 Alignment


A. Everyone moves in the same direction


B. One vision/mission


       A winning team is not easy to achieve but is worth

                                the work and investment!




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