What Employees Want

by | Jan 16, 2021 | Business Development

A Study by the Public Agenda Foundation


Ten Things Employees Want:


1. To Work with People Who Treat Me with Respect

Today, employees have more options; not to mention it is wrong to be disrespectful.


2. To Experience Interesting Work

A way to make work more interesting is to explain the WHY. Also, give team members more autonomy.


3. To Receive Recognition for Good Work

Recognizing good work is part of a leader’s job.


4. To Have the Chance to Develop Skills

You want employees to develop their skills, right?


5. To Work for People Who Will Listen to Ideas to Make Things Better

Listening to your employees is a good thing.


6. A Chance to Think for Themselves

If you don’t want them to think for themselves, why not use a robot?


7. To Be Able to See the End Result of Their Work

Is the work significant; does it matter?


8. To Work for Efficient Managers

People don’t want to waste their time.


9. A Job that is Not Too Easy

We all want to be challenged.


10. To Feel Well Informed

Good communication goes a long way; no one likes to be in the dark.


Notice what is not on the List:

• More Pay
• More Benefits
• Vacation Time
• Job Security

Fulfilling the ten things employees want can produce satisfied employees and in turn, better productivity.



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