What is a Force Multiplier?

by | Apr 11, 2022 | Goals, Personal Development

The definition of a Force Multiplier: a factor or combination of factors that gives people the ability to accomplish greater feats than without it.

Examples as it relates to our lives:
Attitude, Training, Experience, Intelligence, and Strategy. 


Here are my 5 Top Force Multipliers:

1.  Personal Growth – When I am growing, I can help others grow.

2.  Collaboration – Allow others to speak into/buy into what I do. 

3.  Developing vs. Doing – There is a limit on what you can do personally, but there are unlimited possibilities for developing people.

4.  Lead by Example – Nothing will undermine your effectiveness faster than not living out what you say. 

5.  Mindset – See the potential in people. 


If you feel as if you are stuck in life and not making the progress you hoped for, ask yourself, “Are you deploying “Force Multipliers?” 


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