What Is Your Plan For Your Most Valuable Asset?

by | Apr 28, 2023 | Personal Development, Priorities, Success, Video

Most people are dealing with the problem of overwhelm. 

The feeling of overwhelm leads to procrastination, lack of focus, bad eating habits, poor sleep, and other harmful things. 

So what is the answer? 

Do you have a budget? Studies show that one-third of adults in the U.S. have a budget.

What is a budget? It is a plan for where you will spend your money.

Do you have a plan for where you spend your time (your most valuable asset)?

Time is more valuable than money, but less than 5% of people plan where they spend their time. Instead, they operate with the “No Plan.” It’s a plan, just the worst plan you can have.

Try these two simple steps: 

  1. At the beginning of each day, ask yourself, what are the three most important things I need to do today? I call it the WIN (What’s Important Now), and then do it! Ideally, you would write it down. 
  2. Next, create a simple to-do list. These are not your top priorities but items you should be doing today. 

I have a free resource to help you with Overwhelm called the 25th Hour Checklist. Click here to access this FREE resource.  

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