Where Are You Aiming?

by | Sep 19, 2022 | Goals, Priorities, Success

In 2004 Olympian Matt Emmons was sure to win a gold medal. A shooter for the USA team, Emmons was so far ahead of his competitors that all he had to do was hit the target to win the gold. Emmons hit the bull’s eye, but it was the wrong target. So, he went from first place to eighth.

The right shot at the wrong target will not win you a gold medal. Equally, living your life chasing the wrong target will not bring the right kind of success.

I believe each of us was created on purpose and for a purpose. Therefore, your target in life should be your purpose in life.

Ask yourself these three questions to get a clearer view of where you should aim your life.

1.  What are your unique skills and abilities?

2.  What brings you joy?

3.  What comes easily and naturally to you?


Tony Robbins said, “Purpose and progress equal success.”


Make sure you are aiming your life at the right target!

If you need help to get clarity on your purpose, check out my Life on a 3×5 digital course (lifeona3x5.com).


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