Would You Follow You?

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I often ask this question when speaking to a group of leaders. The response is usually thoughtful deliberation. So, right now, let me ask, “Would you follow you?” If not, why should anyone else?

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Before you can lead others, you must first lead yourself. Here are a few steps to help you become the best leader you can be.

Step ONE:  High Character Leader

Can you be counted on to do the right things the right way?

 5 Attributes of a High Character Leader

  1. Integrity – This involves a person’s character. It means you are whole.
  2. Trustworthiness – They can be trusted to do the right thing.
    3,  Emotional intelligence – They have an awareness of others and their needs.
    4.  Humility – They are teachable and open to feedback: it is not about them.
    5.  Passionate – they are committed, all in, and accountable. They lead by example and their energy is infectious.

Step TWO:       A Called Leader

  • They are guided by deeply held values and those values will permeate the decisions they make and the leadership they provide.
  • They have a purpose and overall direction to their actions.
  • They see the “big picture” and can articulate it to others in an inspirational way.

Step THREE:    Emotionally Healthy Leader

  • They control their anger! Few emotions are as powerful and destructive as anger.
  • They do not display fear and worry; instead, they bring hope, joy, and perspective.

Step FOUR:    Intellectual Leader

  • They study; they are learners and competent in their responsibilities.
  • They are readers; this is essential not only for serious study but effective leadership.
  • They are continuous learners. If you are a leader and not committed to lifelong learning, you will soon be obsolete.
  •   They have a mentor. Each of us needs a mentor to sharpen us and speak into our lives.

Step FIVE:     Relational Leaders

  •  They care about the people they lead.
  •  They invest time with people to build relationships.
  •  They are empathetic.
  • They seek to understand and find ways to serve team members. 

Embrace the five steps of leading well, and you will be someone others choose to follow. It begins with a simple question. Be honest with yourself and then work to become the best leader you can be!

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